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A central place for all your documents

Get all existing documents from anywhere and store with ezeDox. Be it an organization or individuals, our Digital Locker facilitates issuance, categorization and storage of all your official and personal documents. All stored documents are encrypted with AES 256 bit encryption. Documents issued by organizations will be automatically added to Individuals' Digital locker.

Share your documents with anyone

To avail any service or to support your application. All shared documents have an audit trail attached, securing you from unauthorised usage as prevalent with paper documents. Your documents are completely safe with us!! No more Print-Copy-Scan-Courier. Store Digitally and share Digitally.

Tamper proof and legally valid documents

Organizations can sign and issue bulk documents using eSign/Docu Signer Certificate. Individuals can eSign using Aadhaar. eSign/Digital Signatures are legally valid as per Information Technology (IT) Act, 2000, Contracts Act 1872, Evidence Act 1872 of India. eSign make any document tamper proof hence eliminating the need of any further verification.

Collaborate with anyone, anywhere and anytime

Collaborate within or outside your organization using workflows, Sign contracts, make the statutory filing. Our open APIs allow seamless third party integration within minutes for custom workflows. Our solutions set you free from geographical limits. Truly Presenceless and Paperless.


Based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) using Asymmetric Cryptography to make eSigned documents tamper proof. All documents are stored in data centres conforming to ISO 27001. All data in your repository is encrypted with AES 256 bit encryption. An audit trail provides a comprehensive and reliable document history


Open APIs enable easy integration with any business application for custom eSigning workflows and enablement of Aadhaar seeded Document Repository Services. Publish documents once and never worry about them again! Documents produced are non-repudiable, linked to an individual’s unique ID (like Aadhaar) and accessible only with consent of the document owner


Aadhaar linked eSign is recognised as a legally valid signature under Information Technology (IT) Act, 2000, Contracts Act 1872, and Evidence Act 1872 of India. eSigned documents are legally admissible in court and usable in process flows for any industry. An audit trail of all actions related to documents is maintained for easy traceability


We are a Licensed Application Service Provider (ASP) under licensed certifying authorities (CAs) with the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) India. Our solution has been certified for Demographic data standards, Audit logging requirements, Security policy and framework for UIDAI authentication, system and data security etc as laid down by relevant controlling authorities.

For Businesses

We help you automate all your internal and external documentation processes, contracts and onboardings.

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Choose a plan that's right for you

  • Small

    49 *
    • 3 Aadhaar eSigns
    • 250 MB cloud storage
    • 1 month validity
  • Medium

    399 *
    • 30 Aadhaar eSigns
    • 500 MB cloud storage
    • 3 months validity
  • Enterprise

    • API integration
    • Multipage signing
    • Bulk signing
    • Custom signing workflows
    • Document repository storage
    • Bulk document publish

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